ABOUT Kerber Companies

Growing with the Livestock Industry

The Kerber Companies is rooted in animal livestock production and particularly in the swine industry where it has adapted and grown alongside its patrons since 1922. Existing originally as a local flour mill, the company adapted to meet the growing animal agriculture feed needs after WWII to serve family farms with nutritional services and products.

As animal agriculture adapted to increasing protein demand in the 1990s, the Kerber Companies worked to serve its patrons by providing access and relationships to investments and swine production models so they could remain sustainable, competitive and viable in the changing landscape. This is most notably represented by formation of Hawkeye Sow Centers representing 20,000 sows operating within the Pipestone System still today.

Over the last 15 years, the Kerber Companies continues to invest in the business to provide more solutions to producers in areas of swine production management, real estate, construction, equipment and supply, management software and general business management services.

The Kerber Companies remains grounded on its core values of Integrity, Stewardship, and Compassion while remaining Performance Driven – Always. Our guarantee is to provide transparency and consistency in the products and services we provide.