The Kerber Companies strives to provide a complete solution to the animal agriculture industry in the Midwest with our suite of businesses providing services in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Kerber Milling Company has been a privately held family business in operation since 1922 and provides nutritional products, feed management services and toll milling to cattle, dairy and swine producers.

Hawkeye Sow Centers represents our swine management resources providing daily swine production, management and human resource services to producer-owned farrowing and finishing operations in Iowa and Minnesota.

Ag Property Solutions provides new and remodel general contracting, equipment and supply, and repair and maintenance services for all types of facilities serving animal production businesses in Iowa and adjacent states in the Midwest.

BarnVista supports the daily operations of the Kerber Companies and is now being offered as a solution to animal agriculture producers as a cloud-based service to assist with structure, reporting and visibility for work order management, policy and protocol administration, training and testing, farm and operational audits, and asset management.

Through our SwineCFO service, the Kerber Companies provides administrative services designed to meet the needs of the producer offering turn-key bookkeeping and accounting services, risk management reporting, forecasting and access to general CFO and/or Controller expertise.